Malaysia is not the only country that people think of when they mention online gambling. The nation has had a turbulent relationship with online gambling. It is also not regulated by the appropriate authorities.

Malaysia is a nation with a majority Muslim population. Its residents, who follow Islam, are prohibited from participating in online gambling under Sharia Law. This rule is not applicable to non-Muslim residents. Online gambling is often less regulated than land-based gambling. What laws govern Malaysian gambling?

Malaysian online gambling:

It is not easy to understand the laws regarding gambling in Malaysia. It is multi-cultural. The country is home to many people, not just native Malaysians.

The 1953 Betting Act forbids Native Malaysians (who make up approximately 60% of the population) from participating in any form of gambling. This includes the establishment of any type of gambling house.

A large proportion of Malaysia’s Muslim population follows Sharia Law. Gambling is forbidden for Malaysians. Any violation can lead to a fine or jail sentence, or both. All residents that aren’t Muslim can be exempted by the Betting Act and allowed to place wagers.

Legal or Permitted Gambling

Malaysia allows certain forms of gambling. The Racing Act of 1961 permits betting on horse races and the Lotteries Act of 1952 allows lotteries to be run. However, they must be physically present at the racecourse.

Genting Highlands Resort in Malaysia is a legal gambling destination. They only allow non-Muslims to participate in various activities.

Online gambling is more grey than usual. Online gambling is not specifically mentioned in the Betting Act of 1953. Technically, online betting in Malaysia is still illegal. However, this hasn’t stopped people from creating and operating their own gambling websites.

Malaysian Gambling Sites

These websites are very popular and they work well despite the restrictions. Because of the existence of proxy servers and VPNs, it is easier to regulate the internet. For obvious reasons, local online gambling sites are not very common. Although there are a few gambling websites that are located in Malaysia, they are not very common.

The Malaysian public has become more open to international gambling sites, and they have reciprocated by welcoming them with open arms. Many overseas gambling platforms accept the Ringgit (the local Malay currency). Malaysians now have the ability to make withdrawals, deposits, and deposits without needing to convert their money.

Malaysians love online casinos. Online casinos are a favorite among Malaysians. Residents are drawn to European tournaments and association football when it comes to betting on sports. Malaysians can find a way to participate in betting regardless of laws.


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